Spooled File Management

LXI Spooled File Management (LXISpl) is a simple spooled file management solution that saves and restores all or specific output queues or spooled files while retaining the spooled file attributes.

Fast Saves/Restores

Conventional methods of saving spooled files require creating files based on the spooled file length and then converting the spooled file to a database file before copying it to tape. Restores required that tape data be copied to a printer file. MMS/spl, through the use of IBM Spooled File API’s, reduces the number of steps required and improves the performance of saving and restoring spooled files.

Save by Days

MMS/spl Save by Days support saves spooled files after a user-defined number of days have elapsed. This support is based on various spooled file selection criteria. Additionally, the saved spooled files can be deleted once the save completes successfully. This feature can be scheduled through a job scheduler to ensure that spooled files are saved when their time limit on the system has been exceeded.

SNADS Support

With MMS/spl SNADS support, spooled files can be sent to another system or one or more addresses as soon as they arrive on any user-defined output queue.

Generic Support

Generic support allows spooled files to be archived based on the beginning character(s) of the name instead of specifying the full name. MMS/spl searches for and archives all spooled files that start with the generic name.

LXI Spooled File Management

  • Saves and Restores all or Specific Output Queues
  • Saves and Restores Selected Spooled Files
  • Attach Text Description to Saved Spooled File
  • Copy Spooled File to Microfiche
  • Delete Spooled Files based on Create, Save or Last Used Date
  • Send Spooled Files to another Queue/System using SNADS
  • IBM i5/OS V7R2+
  • LXI Base (V7R2M1+)
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