Backup and Recovery

Media Management System (MMS®) is a comprehensive storage management solution that provides backup, recovery, tape management and vaulting functions.

This application runs on the IBM i. Consolidated control allows you to manage and monitor all backup and recovery functions - regardless of system or system location.

MMS installs in minutes and requires no changes to existing backup procedures.

MMS – When You . . .
  • Need Consistency and Simplicity in Backup, Recovery and Vaulting Processes
  • Need to Standardize and Automate Backup, Recovery and Vaulting Processes
  • Need to Know what’s on Saved Media
  • Need to Know what’s Available for Recovery
  • Need to Know Where saved Media Resides
  • Need to Consolidate and Maximize Hardware Resources
  • Need to Minimize Backup and Recovery Times
  • Need to Ensure Compliance for Legal Readiness

MMS (Media Management System)

  • Archive
    • Archive Seldom used Database Files from Disk
    • Archive Seldom used Documents from Disk
    • Dynamically Recall Archived Database Files or Documents

  • Backup and Recovery
    • Select Objects from Lists
    • Build Backups without Knowing IBM i Commands
    • Schedule Backups
    • Manage Backups for All Systems from One View
    • Easily Duplicate Backups to Other Systems
    • Backup Independent ASPs
    • Backup Output Queues and/or Spooled Files
    • Supports Serial, Concurrent, Parallel Saves
    • Supports Restricted State Saves
    • Select Objects from Lists
    • Recover Entire System or Specific Objects
    • Restore Objects from One System to Another
    • Restore Independent ASPs
    • Restore Output Queues and/or Spooled Files
    • Easily Schedule and Print Recovery Report

  • Media Management
    • View and Manage all Media in the Enterprise
    • Manage Media Retention at Enterprise Level
    • Retrieve Expanded Detail for Objects, DLO and IFS
    • Multiple Named Media Pools
    • Full Support for Virtual Tapes/Optical
    • Duplicate Virtual or Physical Media
    • Display Tape/Optical Support
    • Manage Devices and Enterprise Media Libraries (IBM®/STK®)

  • Spooled File Management
    • Save All or specific spooled files
    • Save all or specific output queues
    • Restore all or specific spooled files
    • Restore all or specific output queues

  • Vault Management
    • Vault Systems Separately or as a Group
    • Multiple Location Support
    • Container/Slots Supported
    • Calendar Support
    • Automated or Manual Moves and Returns
  • IBM i Media Storage Extensions
  • IBM i5/OS V7R2+