Report Distribution

LXI Report Distribution (LXIrds) is the ultimate solution when specific reports or report sections that exist within a larger spooled file need to be distributed to your user community.

Simple Setup

LXIrds simplifies spooled file management by controlling the number of copies distributed as well as determining which user gets which report or portion of a one or more reports. Identify the reports to distribute once and let LXIrds handle the rest - automatically - every time.

Easy to Use

Reports are defined with just a few keystrokes and you have virtually unlimited control of your spooled files: number of copies, who gets what, partial or complete report, as well as other options. This application will distribute reports or partial reports to output queues or send them through e-mail. Additionally, each distribution contains header and footer pages which help identify the report and distribution.


LXIrds organizes reports in custom packets for each recipient. Customized report distribution includes a cover page detailing delivery information and a table of contents listing the included reports and the number of pages in each report.

LXIrds provides complete, automatic IBM i report distribution and spooled file management. To experience the benefits of this product, download and install LXIrds at your location and in your operating environment. Don’t waste precious resources and time trying to get the right reports to the right users - let LXIrds speed through report distribution.

LXI Report Distribution

  • Header/Footer Pages
  • Separator Pages
  • IBM i5/OS V7R2+
  • LXI Base (V7R2M1+)
Additional Information