Our Company

Since 2005, LXI has been providing quality software solutions to the IBM® midrange community. LXI is focused on helping businesses manage their IBM i by providing software that helps protect data, control system resources and streamline many of the tasks associated with system operations.

From the Orient to the Middle East to Europe and the US, LXI solutions are used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Our Software

Our software provides you with powerful, easy to use solutions that give you full control over system tasks such as Backup and Recovery, Job Scheduling, Message Management, Report Distribution and Spooled File Management. Our free trial policy makes it easy for you to download, install and evaluate the software. The software is menu or command driven, and can be configured for use within minutes, and, if you have questions or need help, our support team is ready to help get you up and running.

Our Support

Our support is available whenever you need help. Whether you need installation support or have questions on product specific features or functions, our support team is always available.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our IBM i customers with the best quality software tools and support.