Console Management

LXI Console (LXIconsole) is a message queue management solution that allows user-defined procedures to be executed based on specific messages in any valid IBM i system or user message queue.

Multiple Message Queue Support

LXIconsole displays messages, answers messages and starts procedures based on messages from one or more message queues. Message queues are monitored alphabetically. This functionality allows messages from multiple message queues to be answered automatically or have procedures executed as needed. The status of multiple device queues as well as the system operator message queue can now be easily monitored.

Procedure Driven Control

LXIconsole provides virtually limitless processing options. Perform restricted state backups, reclaim storage, control subsystems, vary devices on or off, submit jobs, call programs, or perform other system activity without operator intervention. User created procedures can be executed to perform countless tasks based on specific messages.

Automatic Message Answering

LXIconsole answers predefined messages automatically. When active, LXIconsole monitors all message queues defined for the LXIconsole user. Every inquiry message in the message queue is examined to determine if a reply is defined. If so, the specified response is issued automatically, with no operator intervention. Messages are automatically answered as they arrive on the message queue.

LXI Console

  • Provides User Profile based interface to System or User Message Queues
  • Provides ability to execute User-defined Procedures based on Specific Messages
  • Monitor Message Queue based on User Profile
  • Define Console Jobs
  • Include or Omit Messages based on User Profile
  • Send Message Replies based on User Profile
  • Define Message Procedures based on User Profile
  • IBM i5/OS V7R2+
  • LXI Base (V7R2M1+)
Additional Information