Message Management

Staying on top of IBM i events is a time-consuming aspect of system administration. Sifting through events to determine which are critical, responding to events in a timely fashion, and remote system management are ongoing challenges in many Data Centers. For complete system and event monitoring, LXI provides LXI Message Management (LXIpage) which waits and watches for critical events or important messages and either responds directly or notifies one or more users.


LXIpage facilitates close monitoring and quick responses to system events, such as security violations as well as communication and hardware failures. Additionally, the product allows you to monitor and react to a wide variety of events - even in restricted state.

Getting the Message Out

LXIpage notifies users simultaneously, concurrently or in an escalated sequence when system and application messages occur by sending alphanumeric messages to electronic pagers, cellular phones and e-mail addresses.


Monitoring is great but having the ability to do something once a message or event occurs is how LXIpage simplifies operations duties. LXIpage automatically answers inquiry messages, sends pages and/or issues any command or program for the recovery of trapped events.

Whether in restricted state or during normal processing, the extensive monitoring and message management capabilities of LXIpage helps users stay on top of system activity. No matter where you are, LXIpage gives you the ability to control your IBM i 24 hours a day, without being tied to your system. Don’t let another important system message go unnoticed - try LXIpage manage the jobs in your environment and see the benefits to your data center.

LXI Page and Message Management

  • Event Management
    • Any Type of Message in any Message Queue
    • System History Log
    • Success or Failure of any Command
    • Any Journal
    • Status of any Device, Controller, or Line Description
    • Messages by Severity, Type, Job, User or Character String
    • Any Job Queue by Status and Number of Jobs Queued
    • Any Output Queue by Status and Number of Spooled Files
    • Any Information relating to Active Jobs
    • Any Information relating to System Status

  • Paging and Email
  • Configurable Event Monitors
  • Monitor Filters
  • Message Customization
  • Escalation Options
  • Off-Duty Schedules
  • "Quick" Pages
  • Reply List Support
  • IBM i5/OS V7R2+
  • LXI Base (V7R2M1+)
Additional Information