Backup and Recovery

Media Management System (MMS® 2020) is a comprehensive storage management solution that provides backup, recovery, tape management and vaulting functions.

This application runs on a Windows server and accesses the IBM i through a secure graphical user interface. Secure consolidated control allows you to manage and monitor all backup and recovery functions - regardless of system or system location.

MMS 2020 installs in minutes and requires no changes to existing backup procedures.

MMS (Media Management System) 2020

  • Archive

    • Archive Seldom used Database Files from Disk
    • Archive Seldom used Documents from Disk
    • Archive Spooled Files from Disk
    • Dynamically Recall Archived Database Files or Documents

  • Backup and Recovery
    • Select Objects from Lists
    • Build Backups without Knowing IBM i Commands
    • Schedule Backups
    • Manage Backups for All Systems from One View
    • Easily Duplicate Backups to Other Systems
    • Backup Independent ASPs
    • Backup Output Queues and/or Spooled Files
    • Supports Serial, Concurrent, Parallel Saves
    • Supports Restricted State Saves
    • Select Objects from Lists
    • Recover Entire System or Specific Objects
    • Restore Objects from One System to Another
    • Restore Independent ASPs
    • Restore Output Queues and/or Spooled Files
    • Easily Schedule and Print Recovery Report

  • Media Management

    • View and Manage all Media in the Enterprise
    • Manage Media Retention at Enterprise Level
    • Retrieve Expanded Detail for Objects, DLO and IFS
    • Multiple Named Media Pools
    • Full Support for Virtual Tapes/Optical
    • Duplicate Virtual or Physical Media
    • Display Tape/Optical Support
    • Manage Devices and Enterprise Media Libraries (IBM®/STK®)
    • Manage Independent ASPs

  • Vault Management

    • Vault Systems Separately or as a Group
    • Multiple Location Support
    • Container/Slots Supported
    • Calendar Support
    • Automated or Manual Moves and Returns
    • E-mail Vault Reports to One or More Users

  • Additional Functionality

    • View Real-time Status of All MMS 2020 Jobs
    • View Real-time Job Logs
    • View Real-time History Log
    • Manage Devices
    • Manage System Messages
    • Manage Subsystems
    • End Abnormal Jobs
    • E-mail Job Status to One or More Users
    • E-mail Job Log to One or More Users
    • Schedule Audit Reports
  • Windows® Graphical Interface

    • Point and Click
    • Simple Straight-Forward Interface
    • Connect to any MMS 2020 System from Anywhere
    • No Access to IBM i Required

  • Location Independent
  • Client/Server Technology
  • Centralized Microsoft® SQL Server

    • Single Database
    • Database resides on Microsoft SQL Server
    • Lower IBM i Disk Usage/Costs
    • Improved Accuracy and Reliability
    • All Systems Reference Same Data

  • Encrypted Communications

    • All Connections are Encrypted

  • Retains Users IBM i Authority

    • User Authority Maintained on IBM i
    • Configurable Authority to Any MMS 2020 Function

  • Small Footprint on IBM i
  • Microsoft Windows 7+
  • IIS 7+
  • SQL Server 2008 R2+
  • IBM i5/OS V6R1+
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